We can provide one-off workshops to suit your needs. Here are some examples of workshops recently designed for clients. 

Mindfulness for Resilience

We all experience ups and downs in life, but how quickly we bounce back depends on how resilient we are; a skill we can grow with mindfulness.

During this workshop you'll learn how to find moments of calm during the day and build the awareness needed to keep balanced during tough times and spring back from knock backs faster.

Mindful Leadership 

A truly mindful leader embodies charisma and competence. These skills can be elevated through the practice of mindfulness.

During this workshop you'll learn about the fundamentals of leadership excellence, how to cultivate them with mindfulness, and how to embed the tools in your busy schedules easily.

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Most of us avoid difficult conversations like the plague, but sometimes find that we just can't avoid them. 

During this workshop you'll learn about the skills of effective conversation, what gets in the way of smooth transactions, and leave with a battery of tools from mindfulness you can start using immediately.


Creativity is a skill that can't be forced. Innovation arises when we least expect it - the cliche being in the shower. When we clear space in our minds, we allow insights to occur.

During this workshop you'll learn about the science of creativity, and experience practices that enhance access to creative thinking skills, thus supporting the development of innovative thinking.

Preventing Burnout

Stress is a part of life, but chronic stress at work is leading to higher levels of burnout, with staff reporting that they don't have the tools to manage heavy workloads well. 

During this workshop you'll gain insights that allow you to manage busy schedules effortlessly, exploring simple ways in which you can lighten the load and work with greater ease.

Improving Focus

We're now in an age of Continuous Partial Attention, finding it increasingly difficult to focus successfully on the task at hand. This in turn increases stress as productivity levels decline.

During this workshop you'll learn how mindfulness increases concentration levels, thus improving productivity, and leave with strategies you can implement easily in your busy daily life.

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