We are now in an age where many of us have technical prowess but often lack the emotional intelligence and capacity for attention that mark the people who shine. Mindfulness and emotional intelligence training give you such skills, improving your capacity for attention, connection and performance amidst a sea of distraction and when you require innovative thinking.



Mindfulness is a mind-training tool used to sharpen focus and mental acuity, enable you to approach challenges with ease and clarity, reduce stress and boost wellbeing and happiness.


Emotional intelligence is a set of trainable skills that signify the people who shine; who excel at work and whose relationships flourish. It is shown to be a better predictor of success than IQ or socio-economic background.

Emotional Intelligence

The Focus Movement


We offer a range of programmes to suit your needs, from introductory workshops, our unique six-week course, to bespoke training for teams and individuals.

  • We always leave the session feeling renewed and rested. I cannot recommend Molly enough!
    — Delyth Johnson, Wellbeing Consultant, BMB
  • Your course has made me more confident, calmer and happier.
    — Katie Parker, Associate Director
  • Molly's calm, steady and encouraging approach helped me overcome my nerves and has led to a lasting confidence, helping me immeasurably. I couldn't recommend her enough!
    — Anita Constantine, Actress
  • I would wholeheartedly recommend Molly’s coaching methods - in particular her innate ability to inspire a clear, confident and concise approach to communication.
    — Matthew Cleaver, Head of European Ad Operations, eBay
  • Molly taught me highly impactful tools to improve impact and have better control. Molly is truly dedicated to enabling her clients to improve their communication skills.
    — Iana Boyd, Senior Director, APM Terminals
  • Molly's training was informative, interactive and inspiring. I left with greater awareness of myself and practical tips on how to incorporate the learning into my life.
    — BS, Freelance Architect
  • Molly is a highly effective personal coach who offers different perspectives and delivers insights that make a real difference to your relationships.
    — Paul Tanner, Principal Legal Counsel, Centrica Energy
  • Molly’s work is invaluable for anyone who wants to work and speak with authenticity. A few years on, I still use the tools and techniques I learned from her.
    — Emma Bryant, Communications Consultant
  • Molly taught me excellent techniques to help me prepare for presentations that successfully raised my profile with the Leadership Team.
    — Steve Blow, Senior Finance Manager, Centrica
  • Molly works quickly and efficiently, getting to the nub of the problem working to resolve it at root cause. She works with real energy, I really look forward to each session.
    — Caroline Bradford, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Centrica
  • I enjoy Molly’s classes so much and find them so useful that I will find a way to get to London from Bristol every week for them.
    — Charlotte Harris, Art Director
  • I understand how the work fits together with performing now and really feel that I can apply her work to audition speeches.
    — Rob Macintyre, Classical Actor
  • Really good fun, very interesting, educational and enormously useful.
    — Ranjit A., Medical Student