COURSE Overview

Our six-week course provides the tools and strategies to manage the complexities of life better and enable us to flourish. Our training provides practical tools that can be woven into busy schedules easily, providing clarity and calm amidst the chaos.


Week 1 - Focus & Attention

Mindfulness teaches us how to strengthen our mental muscle of attention, allowing us to focus better on the task at hand, bring our attention back when distracted, improving performance and productivity.

Week 2 - Self-Awareness

Mindfulness helps us understand how our emotions guide us in every decision we make. By developing greater awareness of our thoughts and emotions we begin to open up choices about how we respond. Learn simple strategies you can put into practice throughout your day to enhance self-awareness and make better choices.

Week 3 - Self-Regulation & Communication

Learn strategies to improve the way you respond to situations and to others, rather than reacting on autopilot or saying something you might later regret. Discover how you can use mindfulness in the heat of the moment to manage conflict better and improve difficult conversations.

Week 4 - Resilience & Wellbeing

Mindfulness helps us to check in with ourselves to understand what matters most in our lives, giving us a clear sense of direction. Learn about the pillars of wellbeing and strategies to enhance them. Develop the skills to bounce back from life’s inevitable knock backs quickly.

Week 5 - Compassion & Kindness

What does it feel like when someone listens and understands or doesn’t? Developing empathy and compassion create a huge difference in working culture and in your relationships in life. Research shows that these essential skills can be improved to transform your life and increase your happiness.

Week 6 - Relationship Management

Gain insights and learn practices that increase your ability to relate to others more skilfully, especially in times of difficulty, and develop your skills of influence and leadership capacities. 


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