As we have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients, we thought we would let them say what they think of the Focus Movement and its team.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Molly’s coaching methods - in particular her innate ability to inspire a clear, confident and concise approach to communication. For those seeking to improve their presentation skills, you need look no further.
— Matthew Cleaver, Head of European Ad Operations, eBay
I took one-on-one communication training with Molly Greenwood in 2014. She taught me highly impactful tools to improve impact via non-verbal communication. She also introduced me to techniques which allowed me to have better control over how I use my voice. Molly is truly dedicated to enabling her clients to improve their communication skills.
— Iana Boyd, Senior Director, APM Terminals

Molly is a highly effective personal coach who offers different perspectives and delivers great insights that make a real difference to your relationships.
— Paul Tanner, Principal Legal Counsel, Centrica Energy

Molly’s work is invaluable for anyone who wants to work and speak with authenticity. A few years on, I still use the tools and techniques I learned from her in my work as a communication consultant.
— Emma Bryant, Communications Consultant
Molly works quickly and efficiently, getting to the nub of the problem working to resolve it at root cause. She works with real energy, I really look forward to each session.
— Caroline Bradford, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Centrica

In the role of Head of Risk and Controls at Centrica Energy, I needed to obtain the MD and the Leadership Team’s buy-in for an ambitious business risk and controls agenda. To achieve this I needed to present confidently and assertively to this senior group of Directors. Following a few coaching sessions on general presentation skills, Molly taught me some excellent techniques to help me project my voice and to prepare for these presentations. These sessions were successful in launching the agenda, maintaining its momentum and of course in raising my profile with the Leadership Team.
— Steve Blow, Head of Risk and Controls, Centrica Energy

I enjoy Molly’s classes so much and find them so useful that I will find a way to get to London from Bristol every week for them.
— Charlotte Harris, Art Director
I understand how the work fits together with performing now and really feel that I can apply resonance work to audition speeches.
— Rob Macintyre, Classical Actor

I really enjoyed Molly’s training. It was informative, interactive and inspiring. I left with greater awareness of myself as well as practical tips on how to incorporate the learning into my personal and professional life for further improvement and development.
— BS, Freelance Architect

As a non English native speaker I have to work harder with my pronunciation. This work has enabled me to improve fluidity and fluency.
— Maria Papadopoulos, Professor of Economics
That’s the first time I’ve understood the breath and how to do diaphragmatic breathing. It makes complete sense now, even after years of singing lessons.
— Lieve, Actor

Really good fun, very interesting, educational and enormously useful.
— Ranjit A., Medical Student
Your course has made me more confident, calmer and happier.
— Katie Parker, Associate Director
Your work with my actors is incredibly useful.
— Lucy Richardson, Theatre Director

Having taken on my first lead in a lengthy Shakespeare play I began experiencing problems with voice projection, which was making me incredibly nervous. I worked with Molly in the months leading up to the production and throughout the run; on breathing, posture, projection and voice training skills. Not only did her calm, steady and encouraging approach help me to overcome my nerves, but the vocal training has led to a lasting confidence and clarity of voice that has since helped me immeasurably, both on and off stage. I couldn’t recommend her enough!
— Anita Constantine, Actress